China Product Sourcing

Looking for a reliable manufacturer or product supplier?

Suppose you come up with a product idea or think you have market channels for certain products, and you want to find a supplier in China because of the low product development production costs there.

Then what? Searching for a product name or concept online, you will find numerous Chinese suppliers / manufacturers. However, choosing the most capable and reliable company that suits your needs can be daunting.

Many people become frustrated because they have been communicating with suppliers in China for months, but fail to move forward. The reason, most likely, is that they did not find the right supplier in the beginning. To find a perfect match, you need the sourcing services from VAhut!

If you are,

  • Wishing to buy products from Chinese manufacturers but lack experience sourcing in China;
  • Searching for reliable Chinese manufacturers;
  • Wanting to know if your Chinese suppliers are reliable and to monitor quality control in their factory;
  • Wanting to find the right people or company to handle your sourcing business in China;
  • Encountering quality control problems with your Chinese suppliers and need someone to help resolve your issues locally;
  • Setting up your own sourcing representative office in China;
  • Developing new products; etc.

You only need to Tell us your requirements.

VAhut will Search for factories/suppliers as per your requirements and specifications.

You only need to Tell us your choice.

VAhut will Contact and liaise with the suppliers and get samples for you.

You only need to Tell us your decision.

VAhut will Get the best price, control the products quality and arrange export.

VAhut’s sourcing service

Product Selection

We work closely and carefully with you to determine your ideal product. After receiving your specifications, VAhut will locate a product manufactured in China that meets, if not exceeds, your expectations. Feel free to contact with us via [email protected] to get our team working on finding the optimum product for you right away.


Whether it’s a product that already exists or an idea that you want brought to life, VAhut’s design and concept team will work with you to offer a multitude of options. The factories we work with are very resourceful and able to create custom or OEM products to your exact specifications.

Factory Sourcing

With thousands of factories in China producing nearly identical products, it takes an experienced company to choose the best option for each project. Our sourcing process begins by searching our proprietary database of hundreds of Chinese factories that we have worked with over the years. Several factories will be compared and scrutinized before negotiations even begin. The final decision on a factory always takes into account every aspect of the transaction.

Worldwide Shipping

  • Documentation – All products leaving China by air or sea must use a licensed Chinese export company. Not all suppliers have this license, and it is important to be sure you are working with a licensed exporter. VAhut ensures that all documentation is in line for exporting, in addition to helping our clients navigate the import process.
  • Sea Freight – VAhut ensures your products arrive at your doorstep when you need them. With established relationships with global freight forwarders, we are able to deliver a product from China to any destination at extremely competitive shipping rates.
  • Air Freight – For time-sensitive or smaller shipments we can help to obtain competitive air freight or air courier rates.

There is no middleman, no agent and no margin. VAhut is your branch office in China.

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