Know how, can do!

Nobody is perfect but a team can be. We are not individual virtual assistant, but a team of virtual assistants. Team work is very important in VAhut, we collects opinions from all parties concerned, provides you the best service and makes you satisfied. And the service fee is even lower.

You pay only for the hours VAhut actually work on your projects (the average full-time employee wastes 2.1 hours per day). There is no payroll expenses, no paid vacation time, no benefits, no bonuses etc..

VAhut will help you stay focused and on schedule – freeing up your time to concentrate on building your business.

VAhut can handle your seasonal or periodic projects and is very convenient when your current staff gets overloaded or during holidays.

No need to purchase additional office equipment, furniture or computers.

You are not limited to the usual 9-5 hours—VAhut keeps very flexible schedules.

VAhut will work with no supervision -you can depend on having your tasks completed on time every time.

VAhut is available to handle a wide variety of tasks from web design to event planning.

Client list

Ms. Miranda Cohen (Canada) – Funder of a start up company of baby product

What VAhut do: Sourcing- liaison- quality control- delivery

Ms. Carolyn Smith (USA) – Director of market department of an advanced energy source solution consulting company

What VAhut do: Research and contact with potential cooperation partner in China

Mr. Dylan Green (Australia) – Online boutique owner

What VAhut do: Sourcing – factory inspection – delivery

Mr. Mark O’Conner (Canada) – CEO of Multi- Access System

What VAhut do: Pre- travel assistance – 24-hour travel assistance – business liaison

Mr. Reiter (Germany) – Founder and CEO of a German company

What VAhut do: Entering the Chinese market – sales service – secretary/administrative service

Mr. Lan (Taiwan) – Coo of a medical product company

What VAhut do: Virtual office – secretary/administrative service

Mr. Thomlinson (Hong Kong) – Publisher

What VAhut do: Translation – personal assistance – research assistance – recruitment assistance

Dr. Heinke (Germany) – Doctor in Beijing

What VAhut do: Design service – China life assistance

Ms. Viktorria Schoesser (Austria) – Funder of a start up company of cosmetic

What VAhut do: Sourcing – liaison – business trip assistance – delivery

Mr. Joshua Cobb (USA ) – CEO of software company

What VAhut do: Liaison – pre-trip assistance – car rental – personal assistance – conference organization

Ms. Choi Min Yung (South Korea) – Student

What VAhut do: Travel assistance – purchase assistance

Mr. & Ms. Adkins (Australia) – Trading Company

What VAhut do: Car rental – serviced apartment – purchase assistance – Q&A service

Mr. Hung (Taiwan) – Fashion designer

What VAhut do: Consulting – sourcing – liaison – delivery – entering the Chinese market – Taobao store management – marketing & secretary service

Mr. Foster (Netherland) – Director of Exhibition company in Shanghai

What VAhut do: Secretary – purchase assistant – pre-vacation assistance

Ms. Maisie Chambers (England) – Director Trading company

What VAhut do: Sourcing – drop shipping

Mr. Jeff Wong (Qingdao) – Manager of Trading company

What VAhut do: Import assistance – liaison – delivery

Mr. Liang (Wenzhou)- Director of shoe company

What VAhut do: American business assistance – American marketing assistance – secretary/administrative service

Ms. Lee (Shanghai) – Partner of consulting company

What VAhut do: English website and blog edit/polishing


  • One-stop-shop support
  • Assistant on the ground
  • Cost-effective service
  • Rapid and professional response


Why VAhut service?
VAhut is not individual freelancers or part-time workers, but a team of virtual assistants works together. You pay only for the hours (the average full-time employee wastes 2.1 hours per day). – There is no payroll expenses, no paid vacation time, no benefits, no bonuses etc.
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