Do what you do best and outsource the rest!

VAhut provides affordable one-stop-shopping support from Chinese Virtual Assistants, to business and individuals from around the world. Our professional and cost-effective services range from simple personal or secretarial assistance to high-end business and life solutions.

VAhut is not individual freelancers or part-time workers, but a team of virtual assistants works together. Team work is very important in VAhut, we collects opinions from all parties concerned, provides you the best service and makes you satisfied.

Bussiness in China

  • China Product Sourcing

    VAhut’s Chinese Virtual Assistants know where and how to find a reliable product manufacturer or supplier in China.

  • China Liaison Service

    VAhut’s Chinese Virtual Assistant will act as liaison between you and your supplier, saving your time, money and helping to build your brand.

  • China Factory Audit / Inspection

    VAhut’s Chinese Virtual Assistants provide a rapid-response and cost-effective quality control service in China.

  • China Virtual Office

    VAhut’s Chinese Virtual Assistants help you to set up a virtual office based out of prestigious CBD addresses in China.

  • Entering the Chinese Market

    With the assistance from VAhut, you will have your own Weibo account, Taobao Store and Baidu marketing in China.

  • Design Outsourcing

    Outsource your design work and manage the results seamlessly! Save time and focus on your core business.

  • Secretary / Administrative Services

    VAhut provides Services with high standards, to increase awareness of the role of the secretary in the business world.

Life in China

  • Travel Assistant in China

    Call VAhut’s Virtual Assistants anytime when you need help in China; we are your personal travel assistants on the ground.

  • Serviced Apartment

    VAhut’s goal is to find a comfortable home for you. With VAhut, this process will be easy and enjoyable.

  • China Car Rental

    For visiting the surrounding areas and the best way to explore China, we recommend the renting a car.

  • Purchase Assistant

    VAhut provides the service to help our foreign friends buy items from online Chinese stores such as TAOBAO.

  • Q & A Service For Free

    Consider us your Chinese friends, whether you are working or living in China, we can answer your questions.

  • Other Service For Your Daily Life

    Too much stuff to do? At VAhut, we can handle almost any task that doesn’t require our physical presence.

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